About Jan
Hello and welcome to Magnolia Apothecary.

My Name is Jan and I love to help improve your connection between the gut and brain!

I was drawn to Naturopathy as a teenager when my Mum took me to see a practitioner, due to my problematic skin. This was an interesting event as my Mum had never been to a Naturopath herself. This started my interest in health related options that were not based on traditional approaches and has stayed with me.

I had always wanted to become a Naturopath and finally made my dream come true a bit later in life.

My clinic is in Mt Evelyn, set in the beautiful Dandenong Ranges. I also work with clients online.

I love to talk about all things Gut related and especially the Gut/Brain connection. This connection involves some of my other passions including epigenetics and environmental health.

I love to treat families and especially kids with learning or food challenges as these are heavily reliant on good gut function.

I believe that Health is about the absence of disease. My clients come to me because they want to be more than just ‘not sick’ – they want to feel AMAZING!

Using evidence-based natural medicines, comprehensive testing, diet & lifestyle changes, we work together to create a plan that restores your health and brings your body back into balance.

Naturopathic Philosophy

Naturopathic medicine is defined by principles rather than by methods or modalities. These include honouring the body’s innate ability to heal, identifying and treating the cause, and treating the whole person not just the disease.

Naturopathy is a holistic approach to wellness based on the principle that the body has the inherent ability to heal itself. Using this healing power and gentle therapeutic techniques, the body, mind and emotions are supported during the healing process.

Jan is a degree qualified (Southern School of Natural Therapies), registered Naturopathic Practitioner with an interest in all areas of health, but especially about the gut/brain connection. Jan is especially passionate about helping families and especially kids that are challenged by food and learning.

Qualifications and Training

Bachelor of Health Science – Naturopathy

Associate Diploma of Health Science – Holistic Kinesiology

Associate Diploma of Human Services

CPR First Aid Certificate

Fitgenes Certified Practitioner

Member, Australian Natural Therapists Association