Healthy Snack Recipe Book


This recipe book offers healthy snack alternatives to the highly processed sugary treats you find in the supermarket. Great for the kids and packed with loads of wholesome foods.

You may even be able to sneak in some of the missing food groups that they refuse to eat!!!

In this recipe book you will find 35 delicious snack recipes.

There is a combination of flavours including chocolate, coconut, peanut butter and vanilla.

There are protein balls, biscuits, chocolates and some more substantial overnight oats.

There is something for all the family.

Lots of gluten free, egg free, soy free and dairy free options to choose from.


Included are some of the following snacks:

  • Black Bean Brownies
  • Blueberry Breakfast Bars
  • Cinnamon Protein Energy Bites
  • Chocolate Peanut Butter Eggs
  • Coconut Shortbread Cookies
  • Dark Chocolate Love Bites
  • Decadent Chocolate Peppermint Truffles
  • Inside Out Almond Joys
  • Spiced Macaroons
  • Vegan Pistachio & Date Halva
  • and so many more……..

Some only have a handful of ingredients and are very easy to make (the kids can help). Others may have more ingredients and take a bit longer.


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