Fibre! Often when I speak to people about fibre they tell me how much they get in their pasta or cereals! But this is not the only kind of fibre that we need. Insoluble fibre does come from wholegrains, nuts, seeds and pasta, along with the skins of fruit and vegetables. This is the kind READ MORE

GF Truffles

In our family these are known as “Nan’s truffles”. They are very popular at any family function, especially with all the grandkids. Although there could be a debate between truffles and yoyo biscuits! I have made a gluten free batch of these truffles that still has the creamy taste of condensed milk and the flavour READ MORE

Food Choices

Food plays an important role in our health and well-being.  It also plays an important role in our illness.  When you seek out nutritional information it can feel very overwhelming and rather confusing.  There is a plethora of information often seemingly contradicting each other and making it difficult to figure out what is correct. I READ MORE

Vegan Chocolate Mousse

Aquafaba? What is that I hear you ask! It is the juice or liquid that is left over from a can or jar of legumes like chickpeas. Last night I made a chickpea curry and saved the juice to make chocolate mousse. Aquafaba has a combination of proteins, starches and plant solids that make it READ MORE

Seasonal Eating

As the seasons changes so does the produce available for eating. With each season there is a different variety of fresh produce available for us to blend into our daily diets. Knowing what is available for the seasons has become trickier as we can go to the supermarket and buy whatever fruit and vegetables we READ MORE