Choline (B4)

Choline What is choline? Choline is an essential nutrient that is not as well discussed as folate and Vitamin B12 but is just as important in neurodevelopment.  Historically it was called vitamin B4, but it became an essential nutrient because our bodies cannot make enough so it lost its vitamin title. Choline is derived from READ MORE

Addicted to Worry

Are you Addicted to Worry? I was reading a great book last week that spoke about being addicted to worry! I was very interested to hear what the author had to say. I had never really thought of worry as an addiction, but when you break it down it is very likely that some people READ MORE

Problems with Bread or Pasta?

Problems with Bread and Pasta? Have you taken yourself off gluten products, especially bread, because they make you feel bloated and unwell? If you are not a coeliac but do feel that gluten is an issue for you then you may need to consider folic acid as the culprit and not necessarily the gluten. Any READ MORE

The Gut – Brain Connection

The Gut/Brain Connection Did you know that the Brain and the Gut are besties! They have their own communication channels that can send messages backwards and forwards. That is from the brain to the gut and the gut to the brain. If one isn’t functioning well, then neither is the other. That is why when READ MORE

Mood Disorders

Mental Health Mood Disorders, Anxiety, Depression, Bipolar, Sleep disorders, Post Natal Depression, all of these are considered a Mental Health condition. It is such a big area of discussion and one that often needs to be taken cautiously. While some people happily admit to their mental health struggles others hide from it and prefer to READ MORE