Problems with Bread or Pasta?

Problems with Bread and Pasta? Have you taken yourself off gluten products, especially bread, because they make you feel bloated and unwell? If you are not a coeliac but do feel that gluten is an issue for you then you may need to consider folic acid as the culprit and not necessarily the gluten. Any READ MORE

Green Smoothie

Green Smoothie What a great way to start your day! Or a great lunch option. Make earlier and leave in the fridge to thicken up. Fantastic if you are doing any gut work as the ginger and lemon work to increase digestive enzymes and stimulate the digestive process. This recipe is for 2 serves, so READ MORE

GF Truffles

In our family these are known as “Nan’s truffles”. They are very popular at any family function, especially with all the grandkids. Although there could be a debate between truffles and yoyo biscuits! I have made a gluten free batch of these truffles that still has the creamy taste of condensed milk and the flavour READ MORE