A lovely idea but in reality, quite a difficult task.

I feel that often this word is bantered around without a real understanding of what it entails. A bit like the word Detox.

But as you would know if you are a client of mine I love to explain things. So, I feel that we need to discuss this idea, and this word, to see what it really means.

Last year I did a 6 month business mindset course. It was epic, there were breakthroughs, breakdowns, tears, fears, comparitanitis, feeling out of my depth, stuck and then big shifts. I loved it and the support was truly amazing, but that’s another story.

Did this mean I came out of this course having my mindset all figured out? Nope! But I was listening to 2 inspirational people today (Tammy Guest and Denise Duffield-Thomas) and they talked about the same issue that comes up but with a different lens or perspective. And this is how I feel about the mindset course, there are many layers to mindset, you just have to keep working through them. I came away with a lot of ideas about how to improve my businesses. But this also gave me a touch of overwhelm.

I am currently doing a wonderful productivity course (Oceanflow with Julie Jones, which I would highly recommend), and this course is getting me to look at those goals/ideas and to work out the steps I need to take to achieve them. And I can see once again how mindset plays a big part of what I see.

Some of these goals were a little dream like, but Julie has given me the push to make these come into reality. I have had those moments of fear, terror, exuberance, and positive expectation. But there have been days where I really needed to check on my mindset.

Historically I was often the victim, you know the one that all the bad stuff happens to, woah is me! And when I am in overwhelm, I can feel that sense of victim mentality raise its ugly head and I need to step on it.

Mindset can be looked at the glass half empty or the glass half full. So, when I feel that sense of victim mentality rising, I immediately bring in some tools to help send it on its merry way. First you need to find what works for you. For me I know that journaling using cards is a great place to start. I will use a gratitude journal, being grateful for simple things like a great coffee. Going for a walk in nature (I am lucky to live in the Dandenong Ranges) and just listening to the sounds of the day is another option for me. Chatting with a mentor and putting things into perspective is also a tool that I use.

The difference now days isn’t that I always have great mindset, it is I can recognise when I need some help and I seek it out. This has become easier as the more I practice this ideology the more I see how it works. This really talks about your energetics. And even if you are not into woo woo stuff, you will notice the difference in people if they are carrying an emotional load or if they are feeling good.

I have always said to my kids “be mindful of what you put out as it will come back to you”. So, if you put out negative thoughts and energy you will find more negative stuff happens. If you change those thoughts to include some positive ones you will feel the difference in positive energy. It really does make a difference. And it can take something simple like going for a walk or writing something down.

What are your tools to improve mindset?

Have you tried some of the following ideas?

  • Mindset apps
  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Talking with friends
  • Talking with a professional practitioner
  • Walking in nature
  • Gratitude journalling
  • Writing down your feelings (sometimes just getting them out of your head can help)
  • Looking at your nutritional intake (this does affect your mood)
  • Drinking enough water (very simple one but can make a difference to reducing brain fog)
  • Planning your day – this can help if you are struggling to move forward
  • Setting small goals to help improve your mood


Authored by Jan Caton BHSc-Nat. Owner and Naturopath at Magnolia Apothecary and Owner of The Conscious Spender. Jan practices in the Yarra Ranges and Kilsyth.


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