I am a bit of a WHY person.

As a Naturopath this drives me to continue searching for answers. For me to understand things I need to know the whole picture and how it works. For some people they can just take a chunk of information and that is enough. But not me, I need to see how it works from beginning to end and then I fully understand the process.

As a Naturopath I love to find answers for you. I will keep researching until I understand your health picture from beginning to end. That way I can assist you in a far greater capacity than just understanding your symptoms or condition. It means I can target the root cause of your condition and you are then able to address this.

This passion for why has been with me all my life, I could never just take someone’s answer as gospel. Because I wanted to know the reason behind the answer it taught me to look beyond the obvious and to make a few theories of my own.

Those theories got me to an understanding that you have a role in your own health. Far more than you often believe or are taught. Generally, your health is up to you not the GP, but we have been led to believe that the health authorities are the authorities on your own body. This is not the case, but do not get me wrong there are occasions where traditional medicine is magical. But you as an individual have a great capacity for preventative health and that is where I come in.

I am deeply passionate about helping people understand why something is happening to them (mechanism). Often, we have a great capacity to change the driving factors behind our health conditions but lack the understanding of how and why. I passionately believe the environment that we live, work and breath in has a great impact on our health. And that is why as a Naturopath I specialize in detox. This is not your 2-week detox, this is a life changing form of detox that enables the natural detoxification pathways of your body to function in a more optimal way and therefore improve your health.

This is why I have teamed up with the crew at the Melbourne Floathouse. They offer services that address some of the driving factors behind some major health conditions. Pain, Stress, and inflammation being some key areas.  These conditions are addressed using services such as: Flotation for stress management and pain relief, Infrared Sauna for pain and inflammation, Massage therapy for both mental and physical health. Using these services means that you have already started to take back control of your own health and that is what I love to see.

Teaming up with these services alongside my own means that I can offer a more complete health program that will address all areas of your condition and hopefully get you back to your most health self sooner.

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