Diet Changes!


Diet Changes?

These can be difficult right? Your head tells you one thing and your body does something completely different. Then you start having an argument with yourself as you have sabotaged your diet yet again? And you promise it will change tomorrow! But tomorrow never comes does it?

Maybe this sounds like you or maybe you think WTF is she talking about. These are the conversations that happen inside my head on a daily basis. But I also have the added bonus of guilt because I am a Naturopath and I should have all this sorted. So, I give myself an even harder time.

I am currently carrying a few extra kilos (probably more than a few) and although I know what I need to do for weight reduction I don’t seem to be able to get the job done. I could come up with numerous excuses like too busy, getting old and harder to shift weight, bung knee and can’t do the physical exercise I would normally do and they do impact on what I do, but they are still excuses.

So why am I writing this? Well I have recently had to do an exercise in vulnerability and I thought I had it covered by writing about my coffee habits, but that felt a bit easy so I searched again and realised that this idea of being a perfect example before I can treat clients yells at me quite regularly.

I am not perfect; I still drink coffee and wine. I am carrying a few extra kilos and often sit in front of the TV for far too long. But if you are after a perfect Naturopath then I am not your person. But if you want someone that knows the struggle for looking after yourself then maybe I am it.

I have spent many years as a single parent where I did not put myself as a priority and overtime it does bite you on the butt. I have experienced a Melanoma and suspected thyroid cancer, with having half of my thyroid removed. I have also suffered with some pretty low moods.

But I have come to understand the idea of good health versus a skinny body (something I will never be due to my size). Good health wins especially if I want to age with independence and good physical ability.

So, if you are in this struggle and need some assistance, reach out and seek some help because its much easier shared than it is carrying it alone.

You can book in for a free discovery call to see if working together is what you need.


Authored by Jan Caton BHSc – Nat, Owner and Naturopath at Magnolia Apothecary, owner of The Conscious Spender.

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