Dairy Alternatives

Calcium plays many important roles in the body such as building strong and healthy bones, aiding muscle contraction, nerve conduction and maintaining healthy cells.

Dairy is often considered to be a rich source of calcium and often the one most people think of when asked about calcium. But this valuable mineral can be obtained from a number of non-dairy sources and it is useful to obtain it from different sources.

The recommended daily intake for calcium varies accross the lifespan.

1-3 years  РGirls and boys500mg/day
4-8 years700 mg/day
9-11 years1000mg/day
12-18 years1300 mg/day
19-50 years –¬† Males and females1000mg/day
51 plus – Females1300 mg/day
51-70 – Males1000mg/day
71 plus – Males1300 mg/day

10 ways to increase your calcium intake without having to rely on dairy products include the following:

  1. Kale (raw) 100g = 205mg
  2. Tofu 100g = 150mg
  3. Soy Milk 100ml = 140mg
  4. Broccoli 75g = 75mg
  5. Edamame 75g = 50mg
  6. Kidney Beans 75g =205mg
  7. Almonds 25g =50mg
  8. Baked Beans 1 Cup = 154mg
  9. Blackberries 100g = 35mg
  10. Leeks 50 mg =30mg


This article was authored by Jan Caton Bachelor of Health Science – Naturopathy. Jan is the director, owner and naturopath at Magnolia Apothecary.

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