GF Truffles

GF truffles

In our family these are known as “Nan’s truffles”. They are very popular at any family function, especially with all the grandkids. Although there could be a debate between truffles and yoyo biscuits!

I have made a gluten free batch of these truffles that still has the creamy taste of condensed milk and the flavour of a biscuit. The traditional recipe has maire biscuits and sweetened condensed milk, both of which I have switched out. Instead I have used cashews, almonds and almond meal and a sweetened coconut condensed milk. This coconut milk still has the sweetness without being over powering which I find with condensed milk.

This recipe has less trans fats and more protein than the original one and can be used as a sometimes sweet treat.

The recipe:
1 1/2 cups of nuts (I used a mix of cashews and almonds)
1/2 cup of almond meal
1/2 cup of dessicated coconut (extra for rolling)
1 tbspn of cacoa
1 tsp of vanilla extract
320ml can of coconut condensed milk

Blend nuts in a food processor until semi fine, add other ingredients and pulse until the mixture comes togther. Scoop 1 tsp and roll in extra coconut. Refriderate until firm.

Variations include adding gogi berries, cranberries or other dried fruits.

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