Food Choices

Food plays an important role in our health and well-being.  It also plays an important role in our illness.  When you seek out nutritional information it can feel very overwhelming and rather confusing.  There is a plethora of information often seemingly contradicting each other and making it difficult to figure out what is correct.

I believe there is no one specific diet that suits the masses.  As a Naturopath I will match a diet to suit your personal eating habits.  It is also important to understand that dietary changes are difficult due to habit changing behaviours and it takes time to see results.  You will not see life-long changes in a week.

When making changes I will get you to start small and build over time.  I usually only prescribe a maximum of three changes at a time. This makes it easier to implement and be able to break some of the behaviours you are trying to change.

If you are seeking help with dietary changes then allow time. As changes are made, your plan will be personalised to best suit your lifestyle while still ensuring your goals are being achieved.

Nutritional assessments are available on their own or as part of a Naturopathic assessment. So if you want some help with making diet changes then book in for a consult.

This article was written by Jan Caton Bachelor of Health Science-Naturopathy. Jan is the Director of Magnolia Apothecary, Naturupath, Nutritionist and Herbalist practicing in the Yarra Ranges.

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