Microbiome or Microbiota?

Bacteria cells floating

Microbiome or Microbiota? These terms are often used interchangeably but they are different.

The microbiome, is the genes and material found inside of microbial cells. These can be found all over the body. Microbiota refers to specific microorganisms found in a specific place, ie: gut microbiota.

This area of study is still quite new and there is constantly new research being published about this most fascinating subject.

Your microbiome is usually passed on by your mother when delivering you. As the baby passes through the birth canal they receive a good dose of microbiome from mum before entering the world. This along with breastfeeding helps them to colonise their gut and establish their immune systems.

It is thought that the gut microbiome sends signals to our brains and therefore affects moods and possibly our susceptibility to mental illness.

Microbiome can change over the life cycle and is influenced by your diet and environment. Ensuring plenty of plant based foods and fibre is one way to help.

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This article was written by Jan Caton Bachelor of Health Science-Naturopathy. Jan is the Director of Magnolia Apothecary, Naturupath, Nutritionist and Herbalist practicing in the Yarra Ranges.

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