One way or Another?

Is there only one way to take care of your health? Do you have a diagnosed condition that is being treated with pharmaceuticals and feel that maybe there is something else that can be done?

If so you are correct, there is no singular way to treat long term or chronic conditions. As the saying goes “it takes a village”.

As a Naturopath we often work with clients who have diagnosed conditions and are being treated with subscription medication. If this is you we can still work together and even better work in conjunction with your current medical practitioner.

Chronic conditions, such as autoimmune, mental health, thyroid and type 2 diabetes are excellent examples where we are able to assist your health alongside your current medication. Sometimes the help we offer can make the medications work more efficiently and sometimes it means you are able to reduce the medication (under the supervision of your practitioner).

If this is you and you are wanting to explore another way! Then book in for a consultation or if you are still unsure then book in for a free 15 minute Discovery Call
This article was written by Jan Caton Bachelor of Health Science-Naturopathy. Jan is the Director of Magnolia Apothecary, Naturopath, Nutritionist and Herbalist practicing in the Yarra Ranges.

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