Seasonal Eating

As the seasons changes so does the produce available for eating. With each season there is a different variety of fresh produce available for us to blend into our daily diets.

Knowing what is available for the seasons has become trickier as we can go to the supermarket and buy whatever fruit and vegetables we want without really thinking about the seasons.

Eating seasonal fruit and vegetable has many benefits to both your health and that of the environment.

Higher nutritional Value

Fresh produce that is grown seasonally (and locally) has a higher amount of nutrients. These products have more antioxidants and phytonutrients as they haven’t been stored for long periods or spent time being transported. The longer between picking and eating the lower the level of nutrients become.

Economic Value

When you purchase seasonal produce it has a lower cost due to being in season and there is more of it available. When you also factor in local produce it has an even greater saving. It doesn’t have to travel and therefore production costs are lower.

Buying locally grown seasonal vegetables are going to have fewer pesticides and chemicals than produce that has to be transported. So if you are unable to purchase organic fruit and vegetables, then this is the next best option.

Meets you Nutritional Needs

Seasonal produce is better for your body as it has a higher nutritional value. Given that it is grown in season and locally it will provide you with the nutrients you require for the given season.

Think about it, the seasonal fruit and vegetables in summer have a higher water or moisture component for cooling the body down. In winter we have more starchy vegetables which generate energy for heating our bodies and to keep warm. Plus lots of citrus fruits with high vitamin C content to help with your immune system and keep the colds away.

Environmentally Friendly

Buying seasonal and locally produced produce is not only better for you but better for the environment as well. Produce that doesn’t have to be transported or refrigerated has lower impact on the environment due to a lower ecological footprint. The ecological footprint measures the human impact on nature and what it takes to support the economy.

So not only are you helping your health you are helping your environment as well.

You can download your Victorian and Australian seasonal produce guide from Organic Empire in Mt Evelyn.

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This article was written by Jan Caton (BHSc – Naturopathy). Jan is the Director of Magnolia Apothecary and a practicing Naturopath, Nutritionist and Herbalist based in the Yarra Ranges.

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